Woodstock’s long history as a nonprofit research and policy organization working to advance economic security and community prosperity means that our work is more relevant than ever in this time of extraordinary need. Our research enables us to develop and advocate sound policy solutions in the areas of fair lending, wealth creation, and financial reform to key community partners and decision-makers at the local and national level. 

In this annual report, we share stories that may be happening in your community—and in many communities around the country. A story on Woodstock’s foreclosure research shows how we expose the ways predatory lending is impacting communities—and how we can help turn that around. In an era when personal funds can be scarce, we tell the story of how our work protects consumers from potentially bad auto title loans. Finally, we look at how collaboration and consistent advocacy on key financial issues can impact critical policies—like the need to bolster the Community Reinvestment Act.

More and more, we see that the issues affecting one block in a community also affect blocks and communities around the country. We must apply what we have learned to make a difference. Over the years, we have learned that we can successfully influence key policies related to access to basic banking services, protection from predatory lending, and a wide range of community development and consumer protection issues. We must continue to work locally and nationally to achieve economic security for every family and community.

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