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Addressing Barriers to Wealth-building for Women

Friday, June 19, 2015 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

While women have made great strides towards achieving economic equality, barriers to asset building still limit women’s progress. Woodstock Institute and Chase Bank invite you to a discussion of the challenges to building wealth that women face and how we can address them. The panelists will examine barriers to housing and small business credit for women and ways we can expand access so that women can build equity, buy and maintain affordable housing, and expand their businesses.

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Declining fortunes (WUIS Radio)

Fast forward another decade, and meet Gloria Davis, a Chicago meatpacker who testified on minimum wage before a state Senate committee in November. Her job, which pays $8.25 an hour, doesn’t even provide enough income for her to have a home. By the time she pays for transportation and other essentials, she told senators, there is no money left for rent, and certainly not savings. She has bounced from shelter to shelter. Of other low-income workers, she told the senators, “We’re out here, and we are drowning.”

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