In the wake of the recession, bankruptcies hit women, communities of color hard

When Roxie was laid off from her job as an echocardiogram technician at a hospital, her finances came under significant strain. Although she had some money saved and found freelance technician work, her income was less than half what it used to be and she couldn’t afford health insurance. On top of that, she was the sole breadwinner helping to raise three grandchildren. The savings eventually disappeared and she fell behind on her mortgage and other debts.

Woodstock recognizes three local economic justice leaders at 25th Community Investment Reception

In particular, three leaders were recognized with the 2010 Community Investment Award for their exceptional contributions to Chicago-area communities. Rob Breymaier, Executive Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, was honored for achievements including work with Fannie Mae to ensure that all communities would be fairly served by their lending, continuous national and local advocacy for fair housing, and active leadership in the Illinois Community Investment Coalition for over five years.

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