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A Strong First Step

This is an image of a boarded up home, with a sign that reads "No Copper".

Despite the fact that the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the organization that held mortgages on about 258,000 properties in Chicago, is exempt from the registration requirement, the amendment has resulted in an increase of over 2,100 buildings registered as vacant with the city, most of which are in lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color.  Overall, the city’s website lists 18,170 properties as vacant, 85 percent of which are in low- or moderate-income and majority minority census tracts, an indication of the impact of the disinvestment and population loss that have negat

A Step in the Right Direction: Chicago's Expansion of Vacant Building Registrations

This is the Title page from the report. It is of a dilapidated room.

Comparing the Chicago vacant building dataset with HUD/USPS data shows substantial differences in the number of units reported, although those may be largely the result of the differences in the reporting criteria for the two datasets.  Despite the differences in reporting criteria, both datasets reflect the effects of decades of disinvestment and population loss that have been concentrated in lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color within the city, the disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis in those same neighborhoods, and the failure of those neighborhoods to b

A city ordinance is failing to keep owners of vacant properties in check (Chicago Reporter)

“It’s hard to develop a solution if you can’t identify the problem,” says McDowell, a senior organizer with the nonprofit Southwest Organizing Project. The problem is that there is a glut of vacant buildings--somewhere between 500 and 600--from 51st and 74th streets between Western and Kedzie avenues. They began piling up five or so years ago, and nobody seems to have a handle on where they’re located or what conditions they’re in--not even city officials, who are tasked with making sure the properties are maintained.

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