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Sharing and Connecting at the Community Investment Awards

The event also featured a panel on student debt and its impact on for-profit college students, featuring Katie Buitrago of Woodstock Institute, Rohit Chopra of CFPB, Samuel Levine of the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Eve Rips of Young Invincibles, and Hannah Moore, a graduate of the for-profit Harrington College of Design. Ms. Moore shared her experiences with accumulating and paying down high levels of student debt.

Honor The Resurrection Project for their work with Chicago neighborhoods

Their work has given the residents of these communities more opportunities to grow together and invest in their futures. This year, TRP is celebrating its 25th year anniversary and, since its inception in 1990, TRP has leveraged more than $340 million in community investment and its plan for its strategic vision 2020 is to do more in the next five years than in the last twenty-five.
Woodstock Institute will honor TRP with a Community Investment Award on May 14.

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