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What we’re reading: The joys of government data, man’s best friend, and a pipeline in paradise

The Help (Kathryn Stockett)—I'm reading this before I see the movie, about black maids raising privileged white babies in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962, and a young white woman who writes about their lives amidst the changing social and political climate.—Dory Rand, President


What we’re reading: Dying industries, dissecting failure and bankruptcies, house of the future

Dying Industries – An analysis examining ten U.S. industries that are in states of significant decline.  I’m starting to worry that my dream of opening Geoff’s Video and Tuxedo Rental Warehouse might be ill conceived.—Geoff Smith, Senior Vice President

What we’re reading: revolutionizing manufacturing, capitalism, urban planning, and more

The printed world (The Economist)—A “new industrial revolution” of faster, cheaper, and more precise 3D printers could make it easier for many more people to make things.—Tom Feltner, Vice President

What we’re reading: Worm mind control, Camden struggles and reforms, prepping for a marathon, wrapping our minds around a trillion

Lasers Control Nematode Worms Like Robots (Wired Science)—Scientists have figured out how to control nematodes’ cells using tiny lasers, making them stop, turn, and lay eggs on command. Named after Stephen Colbert for his vision of an army of patriots following him in lockstep, the method allows scientists to see precisely what each neuron does.—Sarah Duda, Senior Research and Project Associate

What we’re reading: Data power tools, warnings from a microcredit pioneer, Senate obstructionism, antimatter close to home, and more

A Wrong Turn In Microcredit (Yunus Center)-- Nobel prize winner and managing director of Grameen Bank Mohammad Yunus on the dangers of loan sharking through commercialization of microcredit and the need for government to enact and enforce consumer protections—Dory Rand, President

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