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Recent Research Asks Whether Lenders Discriminate by Gender (Expert Mortgage Assistance)

Unfortunately, the data collected for this research report don’t show any of the basic information about the loan applications. The only conclusion that could be drawn from the report is that in this particular scenario, women were less likely to have loans originated for a mortgage then males who applied around the same time.

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Could banks be discriminating against women in one of the largest U.S. cities? According to a report from the Woodstock Institute, a non-profit advocacy group, men in Chicago are far more likely to receive mortgages than women. The study analyzed 211,000 home purchase loan applications and almost 563,000 applications for mortgage refinancing between 2011 and 2013, with controls included for applicants' income and the size of the loan sought. Female applicants were 14.5 percent less likely to receive a home purchase loan.

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