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Our Opinion: Clear the way for easy retirement saving for all Illinoisans (Springfield State Journal-Register)

It’s a byproduct of living in the Illinois capital, where local and state governments employ more than 25,000 workers — many of whom will retire with some kind of a pension. Thousands of other workers will retire from local private-industry jobs with pensions or retirement savings, too.

But Springfield also is home to thousands of low-wage workers who live paycheck to paycheck now, and probably will in their retirement years, too, because they did not or could not squirrel away money for a far-off rainy day.

Act now: Ask Your Senator to Support Expanding Retirement Security

This week, the Illinois Senate will vote on SB2758, the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program. The bill will automatically enroll many workers without access to an employment-based retirement savings plan into the Secure Choice savings program. While workers can opt out of the program, those who do participate will have access to a vital tool that allows them to save for their future.

Senate Committee Votes for the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program

Chicago, IL — On a vote of nine to five, and one Senator voting "present," the Illinois Secure Choice Program (SB2758) passed out of the Illinois Senate Executive Committee today. The bill will give millions of private-sector workers the opportunity to save their own money for retirement by expanding access to employment-based retirement savings.


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