Are lenders discriminating against women? (Mortgage Professional America)

"All we're saying is, this is what the data show: Female applicants are less likely to get loans originated than male applicants," lead researcher Spencer Cowan told the Chicago Tribune. "We don't have basic underwriting criteria … we don't have the value of the property or any credit score range or debt-to-income ratio.”

Cowan concedes the study lacked certain data – including applicant credit scores – and, as such, refused to outright accuse lenders of any gender bias.

Is Gender Discrimination in Lending Rampant in Chicago? (National Mortgage Professional Magazine)

The Woodstock Institute’s new study found that female home loan applicants in the six counties that make up the Chicago metro region were 14.5 percent of women were less likely to receive a mortgage than male applicants, while 28.3 percent of joint mortgage applications where the woman’s name came first were rejected versus joint applications with the man’s name first.

Woodstock Institute urges IL Senators to stand for disparate impact doctrine

Written by Julianna Nunez on June 23, 2015 - 10:45am

In 2014, eight Illinois organizations received over $2.8 million to help enforce fair housing rules. Budget cuts would limit these organizations’ ability to meet critical needs, such as conducting fair housing testing; supporting the recovery from the foreclosure crisis; and advancing the housing rights of people of color, people with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and other underserved communities.   

New head of Chicago housing agency faces challenging role (Chicago Tribune)

"We're losing our middle class," Faust said. "What NHS is doing in the neighborhoods is helping build and sustain that middle class. We need to rethink what the middle class is. (It's) people who go to work every day, who want to be strong homeowners."

Homeownership equals empowerment and investment in a community, Faust reasons, and that's what keeps communities strong.

Faust, 54, joins NHS as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, stepping into the role previously held for 4-1/2 years by Ed Jacob and before that by Bruce Gottschall, who retired in late 2009.

Holding back the housing market here: 138,728 'hidden households' (Crain's Chicago)

Zillow Inc. examined the impact of household formation on demand for housing. As young adults move out of their parents' house or split up with roommates to get their own places, they form new households that need a place to live, such as an apartment or a single-family home.

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