Lessons Learned from the Circuit Court of Cook County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program

This is the title page of the report, it contains an image of a court room gavel.
The lessons learned will be framed in terms of a crisis affecting the judicial system, although many may be applicable in other contexts. In learning lessons from the Program, it is important to remember that it was one of many initiatives undertaken in response to the foreclosure crisis, and it was focused on only a limited range of negative impacts resulting from the crisis.

Redlining: Redefined (1964 Project)

Kpoto considered “walking away” from his house, despite a $95,000 mortgage. A local police officer encouraged him to start a block club instead. Kpoto was shocked when more than 15 people showed up to the first meeting.

Today, Kpoto, 58, is proud of his part of Jordan, a mostly black low- to middle-income neighborhood where the average resident makes just more than $30,000 a year: “You can see how quiet this block is compared to other blocks.”

Chicago-area foreclosures drop 38% in first half of 2014 (Chicago Tribune)

While the number of homes in the six-county region entering the process fell by almost 38 percent from 2013's first half, to just under 14,000 cases, foreclosure auctions decreased by only 17 percent to 13,602 auctions, according to a report scheduled to be released Thursday by Woodstock Institute, a Chicago-based research and public policy organization.

"You had this huge influx of filings that was the pig in the snake," said Spencer Cowan, a vice president at the group. "The court got backlogged. It's taking time to work through the system.' 

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