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From the President: What’s next with financial reform?

Written by Dory Rand on July 27, 2010 - 3:18pm

The new CFPB will acquire much of its staff from the existing federal banking regulators. Under DFA, the existing agencies have 12 months to make the transition and this could be extended another 6 months. In addition, the Office of Thrift Supervision will be folded into the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at Treasury.

Woodstock Institute statement on Senate passage of Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill

Written by Tom Feltner on July 19, 2010 - 3:55pm

Over the past two years, dozens of Chicago region consumer and community organizations called their legislators, participated in and convened roundtable discussions, signed on to letters, and went to Washington to call for real financial reform. They sent a clear message to Illinois legislators–the patchwork consumer protections that failed to prevent the foreclosure crisis and allowed widespread abuse in the consumer credit markets cannot continue.

Strong financial reform bill up for consideration in House and Senate

While the bill is not perfect, it creates, for the first time, an independent agency dedicated to ensuring that consumers’ interests are protected. Homeowners struggling because of job loss, illness, or other hardship will be eligible for help with their mortgage. Mortgages will subject to important new anti-predatory lending protections. And regulators and the public will be newly empowered with data that will allow them to make sure financial institutions are fulfilling their commitments to their communities.

From the President: Expanding our time horizons

Written by Dory Rand on June 16, 2010 - 10:00am

“it is very hard for anyone to be rewarded for preventing a low-probability disaster. Had the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in the early 2000s rather than lowering them, it might have averted the financial collapse in 2008 and the ensuing global economic crisis. But we wouldn't have known that. All that people would have seen was a recession brought on by high interest rates. Officials bear the political costs of preventive measures but do not receive the rewards.”

New initiatives could boost small business lending

Creating a Small Business Lending Fund

President Obama continued his push last week for the creation of a Small Business Lending Fund that would increase capital to small financial institutions so that they would increase their small business lending. The Small Business Lending Fund Act (HR 5297) has passed out of the House Financial Services Committee and is likely to be voted on by the House this week. HR 5297 would also support several innovative state programs that encourage lending to small businesses.

Financial reform shouldn't include loopholes for auto dealers

L’Minggio’s story illustrates why it is so important that all automobile financing must be regulated by the consumer protection agency proposed by the House and Senate as part of the larger financial reform packages, regardless of whether that loan is made by a bank, credit union, or auto dealer. Woodstock opposes any exemptions for auto dealers from the consumer protections and regulations that will be issued by a new federal consumer protection agency.

Tell House and Senate Conferees to Support Strong Financial Reforms

Please sign on to the letter below by Wednesday June 9 at 12:00 CDT and tell House and Senate conferees that we need real and effective reform that protects Main Street, not a bill weakened by carve-outs and special interest loopholes.

Contact Tom Feltner at tfeltner@woodstockinst.org or 312-268-0310 to sign on.

Dear [name]:

Make sure financial reform stays strong before the final vote

Call 202-224-3121 or click here to contact your senator about the following issues:

Independent and Effective Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA)

The Senate has placed the consumer protection agency under the auspices of the Federal Reserve and made it subject to review, consultation and veto from the bank regulatory agencies. We need a strong consumer agency to protect communities and consumers against abusive lending and other financial products.


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