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New Bank of America Product Represents an Interesting Mortgage Development

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Bank of America is announcing a new mortgage that will allow potential home buyers with income below the area median and a credit score of at least 660 to get a mortgage with as little as a 3 percent down payment.  The new loan will not require private mortgage insurance and will not be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).  The bank is partnering with Self-Help Ventures Fund and Freddie Mac for this program.  Bank of America wi

Wish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a happy third birthday

The CFPB was established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act as the first federal financial regulator whose focus is protecting the rights of consumers.

No matter who you are—a credit card borrower, student borrower, homeowner, servicemember, or more—the CFPB is making major strides to ensure that you can safely do business with financial institutions.

New rules reforming the mortgage market take effect this week

“The CFPB’s rules promote safe and sustainable homeownership and prohibit some of the worst practices that led to the burst of the housing bubble,” said Dory Rand, president of Woodstock Institute. “We must ensure that the rules are strongly enforced so that mortgage borrowers can be confident that lenders are setting them up to succeed.”

Paying More for the American Dream VI: Racial Disparities in FHA/VA Lending

The report analyzes 2010 HMDA data on home purchase and refinance lending by loan type in seven metropolitan areas: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City, and Rochester, NY. The report concludes with recommendations to promote fair lending and access to sustainable credit in communities of color.


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Struggling to Stay Afloat: Negative Equity in Communities of Color in the Chicago Six County Region

Struggling to Stay Afloat

It finds that negative equity is disproportionately concentrated in the Chicago region’s African American, Latino, and majority minority neighborhoods, and that borrowers in communities of color have much lower equity than do borrowers in predominantly white communities. This report concludes with recommendations to reduce the impact of declining property values and the number of homeowners with negative equity, including broader use of principal reduction loan modifications and short sales.

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