Woodstock in the News

February 27, 2015

By Shawn Davis

RSI started running three foreclosure mediation programs in 2014, which means we’ve spent a lot of time over the last year thinking about how to make mediation services more accessible and increase program usage rates. Such issues can be a challenge and often require creativity, especially with limited resources. Here’s what we’ve learned:

February 27, 2015

By Patricia Hart


Earlier this week, Upshot’s David Leonhardt summarized new research by economist Stephen J. Rose that concluded: "Income inequality has not actually risen since the financial crisis began." Rose’s findings counter conventional wisdom that income inequality has widened in recent years, however, the findings do not consider the important role of wealth inequality. The Urban Institute released an interactive data visualization that helps present a more complete picture of the American economic reality.

February 27, 2015

Today, Rainbow PUSH and PUSH Excel stand with the Jackie Robinson West Little League Team (JRW). We invite parents, community leaders, pastors and concerned citizens to join us at the Rainbow PUSH Saturday Morning forum on February 14, 2015 to show our love for JRW in a championship affirmation rally at 9:30 a.m. located at 930 E. 50th Street (PUSH Headquarters).

February 27, 2015

By Alex Swoyer

Women usually pay more at a salon for a haircut than men, but it turns out deodorant, razors and cars actually have “The Woman’s Tax” — causing them to pay more than men for essentially the same product, KOMU 8 News reported.

February 18, 2015

By Angie Bailey

COLUMBIA - Despite laws on the books meant to prevent charging women more for the same products and services, women generally still shell out more than men for nearly identical products.

February 2, 2015

By Carrie Sheffield

Public pension liabilities are a growing headache for many states, and are especially bad in Illinois. Fortunately, the Land of Lincoln now offers a possible template for how to shift state workers away from defined benefit (DB) pensions into more sustainable defined contribution (DC) plans. If successfully implemented, it would give public sector workers more control over their retirement and shield taxpayers from unsustainable pension burdens.

February 2, 2015

By Muareen Foertsch McKinney

When Jorge Chapa was a student at the University of Chicago, he had a lab job collecting brain samples from a meatpacking plant. That’s how, in 1974, he became familiar with the industry and its bloody and backbreaking disassembly line. He revisited meatpacking 30 years later, as a sociologist. This time he analyzed it for a study showing how the once high-paying job had slid from providing a middle-class living into one paying minimum wage.

January 27, 2015

By Scott Cooley

When you travel abroad and tell people that you are from Illinois, the response usually includes something about Al Capone, corrupt governors, or Michael Jordan. People might even mention our bitterly cold, interminable winters or (delicious) pizzas the size and weight of manhole covers. Now, we might see another reaction: an appreciation of Illinois as a state that is attempting to help more workers save for retirement.

January 26, 2015

By Epstein Becker Green

On January 4, 2015, the governor of Illinois signed into law the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act (S.B. 2758). This law—first of its kind in the nation—requires certain employers to provide an automatic payroll deduction for savings in a Roth IRA for employees who are over age 18 and who do not opt out. Employers who are subject to this mandate are those who have 25 or more employees in Illinois, have been in business for at least two years, and have not offered their employees tax-favored retirement benefits in the preceding two years. Employers not otherwise subject to the Act may participate in the Program on an elective basis. The Program will not be activated before 2017, and affected employers must establish a payroll deposit arrangement “at most nine months” after the Program opens for enrollment.