Shining a light on vacant properties

Written by Dan Fair on April 11, 2014 - 10:52am

Woodstock and other advocates have long raised the issue of vacant properties in the Chicago region and the seemingly endless ways they negatively affect our communities.

Last year, our advocacy was aided by an outstanding series of articles in Crain’s Chicago Business that looked at the issue from a variety of perspectives.

In their five-part interactive series, three Crain’s reporters documented the effect vacant properties have on several constituencies in the Chicago area, including businesses, homeowners, investors, and the often overlooked suburbs. The series undoubtedly reached a new audience who were unaware of the extent of the problem and caused others to take action.

Crain's series on vacant properties

At our Community Investment Awards and Film Screening event on May 9, we will present Alby Gallun, David Matthews, and Micah Maidenberg with a Community Investment Award for this series and their track record of reporting on Chicago-area foreclosures, vacant properties, and the housing crisis. The award recognizes the accomplishments of community champions who exemplify what it means to work locally with a national impact.

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Please help us honor these journalists on May 9 for their contribution to addressing this vital issue at our Community Investment Awards and Film Screening. Find out more at the event web page.