Share your favorite Woodstock memories for our 40th anniversary

Written by Dory Rand on March 29, 2013 - 2:17pm
We’re excited to celebrate 40 years of working together to expand financial justice for all communities, particularly low-wealth communities and communities of color. This October 2-3, we will gather with allies we work with shoulder-to-shoulder to campaign to prohibit redlining, limit the impacts of the foreclosure crisis, and expand access to sustainable financial products. Many of you have contributed your passion and hours of effort to campaigns that are critical to Woodstock’s success. Please join us in this celebration by sharing your favorite memories of Woodstock victories, struggles, and actions.

grinchMaybe you’ve joined us on one of our Grinch protests during our campaign to reform payday loan reform in Illinois. Or you worked with us to support the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Perhaps one of our research reports changed the way you think about your work.

Whatever your connection to Woodstock may be, please take a minute to fill out this short survey to let us know your stories. We will use them throughout our 40th anniversary festivities and may reach out to you for more information. You can also send your stories to Dan Fair at or 312-368-0310.