Ask Governor Quinn to sign HB537 and put an end to 700 percent payday loans

Written by Monsignor John Egan Campaign for Payday Loan Reform on May 26, 2010 - 3:10pm

Consumer advocates scored a significant victory today as the Illinois General Assembly passed strong consumer protections for high-cost installment loans and closed the payday loan loophole that allowed some payday companies to operate almost completely unregulated. As we move forward, we need your help to contact Governor Quinn and ask him to sign HB537, which puts an end to 700 percent payday and payday installment loans.

Call Governor Quinn at 217-782-0244 and tell him that you support strong consumer protections.

The proposal caps rates for nearly every short-term credit product in the state, prevents the cycle of debt causes by frequent refinancing, and gives regulators the tools necessary to crack down on abuses and identify potentially predatory practices before they become widespread.

Let Governor Quinn know that you support HB537 because it:

Ensures reasonable rates of 36% for installment loans over $4,000, 99% for small consumer loans, and maintains the current rate of no more than $15.50 per $100 per two weeks for payday loans.

Limits the cycle of debt by ensuring that lenders cannot make a payday loan to a consumer that would result in more than 180 days of continuous indebtedness.

Establishes a consumer reporting database to ensure that consumer protections for payday loans and small consumer loans are enforced

For more information, contact Lynda DeLaforgue at or Tom Feltner at