The Department of Education recently proposed rules that would protect students from excessive fees and other predatory practices on prepaid and debit cards used to receive federal aid funds. The Department estimates that this proposal could protect as many as 9 million college students receiving $25 billion in federal aid. 

A proposal to relax federal standards in mortgage lending and bank regulation could undo years of work to enhance consumer protections and prevent financial crises. U.S. Senate Banking Committee chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) proposed legislation that would change criteria used to define big banks, sharply reducing the number of banks that would fall under federal regulation, as well as loosen mortgage lending standards. The proposal will be marked up tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. CT. Woodstock Institute is firmly opposed to these proposed changes.

The spring legislative session for Illinois lawmakers is scheduled to finish on May 31st. Between now and then, our elected officials are working to craft a budget that must address a projected six billion dollar deficit. Governor Rauner proposed a budget that included severe cuts to crucial human services, including programs for homeless youth and services for affordable and supportive housing. Slashing the budget does not have to be the answer. 

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