Woodstock Institute recently released a new interactive mapping tool and data compendium. Both tools display the economic trends in Chicago and Illinois, allowing users to analyze economic changes and patterns in their communities. 

CHICAGO—Woodstock Institute released two new data tools today that give users important insight into the economic well-being of neighborhoods in Chicago and Illinois. The interactive map covers the entire state and empowers users to understand geographic patterns of foreclosures, mortgage lending, employment, income, vacancy, and more. The data compendium allows the public to explore and conduct their own analyses on over 100 datasets that cover a wide range of topics, from arts to economic development to health services.
See the interactive map 
See the data compendium 

CHICAGO: Woodstock Institute applauds the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for proposing strong rules to regulate prepaid cards, but urges the Bureau to strengthen the final rules by prohibiting all credit on prepaid cards. The CFPB presented the proposed rules this morning at a field hearing in Wilmington, Delaware.

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